…and so is our website!

Back in December of 2015, we released a website we thought would help move the Dads of Destiny forward. While that website set up had many good features, we found out that it just wasn’t working in a way that we envisioned for the DoD moving forward. A lot of work went into that website but until we received some “real world” testing, we weren’t sure how it would all work.

Now, we have had enough time to receive feedback, test what works and what doesn’t, and have decided to move on to a new website template/theme we feel better encapsulates what the Dads of Destiny is and where we want to be.

This new layout is much more user friendly and offers a multitude of functionality to support our growing community. Moving forward, we now have the tools to ensure less wholesale-changes and focus more on community outreach, support, and content.

The first changes you will see are different subdomains for members, content, and other Dads of Destiny related material. These different subdomains allow us to deliver content to the people who want to see it without forcing it on people who don’t necessarily want to see it. There is a persistent menu on the left side of the screen which will help guide you to those different areas. The main site will have a bit of content from each, but also be much more “social oriented” with content and delivery.

The second set of changes will be a members-only area where you can find, join, and communicate with other Dads of Destiny members and clans. We feel this delivery is much better for our clans and members as it removes some clutter from their website experience should they wish to just interact with other members and clans.

Think of the main site as a portal, maybe even a strip-mall. You will see glimpses of content that exists in the other areas, much like viewing windows in a strip mall, but you still have the choice to visit those areas if the content tickles your fancy.

As Dads, I’m sure every one of you can agree that we have to be adaptable to change. We also have to be able to admit when our ideas, while put together with good intentions, may not be constructed in the best possible way. We have recently and will continue to take a more focused approach to community and provide the best experience we can for Dads (and their families) on the internet – whether that be by finding like-minded gamers to shoot aliens with, or just look up some tips and tricks for DIY projects.

I know we’ve asked for this before, but please be patient with us. The Dads of Destiny is one-of-a-kind, and truly a first-of-its-kind. Much like family and raising children, there isn’t a step-by-step manual to guide us through this process. We will continue to come up with ideas and test them, moving forward with what works and filing away what doesn’t.

Thank you for your continued support of the Dads of Destiny!


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Th0rNd is a father of 4 and juggles Family, Work, and tries to throw a little gaming in there.You can catch Th0rNd in our Discord chat, on Band, or on Twitter.
He is a co-host on the DoD Podcast airing live every Friday Night at 9pm CST at www.twitch.tv/dadsofdestiny .
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