Interesting updates from last week’s patch / “State of the Game” message from Ubisoft/Massive.

Bulletking is dead, Long live Hutch/Hornet
Open-world boss encounter cheese no longer work, which has given rise to new farm tactics within Missions. While this slows down progression in gathering of loot and Phoenix Credits, it has actually made it more consistent. Anticipate this being patched soon.

Bug fixes abound: 33 specific fixes applied on the 22nd of March
Ubisoft/Massive are working hard to close the loopholes and patch game-breaking exploits across all platforms

Increased Phoenix Credit drops coming soon.
Originally destined for this patch, but rolled-back due to other issues. DZ NPC kills will reward increased credit drops based on level of the NPC

LVL 30: 1-3 Credits
LVL 31: 2-4 Credits
LVL 32: 3-5 Credits
Look for this to roll out in a future patch.

Complete patch notes available here:
In other news, we have more end-game content coming out in the next few weeks. DLCs dropping, patches incoming, and more community outreach through the live streams.



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