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    Hi guys,

    Long time community member of DoD (just rejoined the site), and I’m looking to start a new DoD-affiliated clan. I’m wondering how much interest there is in the PC version of Destiny 2 by DoD members. If enough interest, I’d love to start a PC-exclusive DoD clan, to show some love for the few PC dads out there. 🙂


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    I just came back to DoD in hopes to find a clan for Destiny 2 PC.

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    New to DoD and looking to join a clan for Destiny 2 PC. Thank you.

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    @deadpixel i have missed you haha. i miss our late night raids. its been so long. i will gladly join you again

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    Hey guys! Thanks for responding here! Got a clan going already. I have founded on bungie’s site, “DoD Paternal Chums”, though now it appears the clans feature is down again. Until the game’s release, come hang out at the clan’s Discord server here:

    If you don’t use Discord, you should, it’s free!

    Other PC-centric clans will likely pop up here and there on DoD, I’m sure. But for now we are it. 🙂 Hope to play with you guys at some point!

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    Hi! I just joined the Discord. Never heard of DoD until I came across a shirt for the clan on a website. Looking forward to playing Destiny 2 on PC!

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    Hey folks – new to DoD as well. Will check out the discord for sure. Anyone double dipping (console and PC)? And if so, which console?

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