Welcome to the Dads of Destiny Gaming Community, The largest gaming community focused on dads, and the premier hub for all things dad related!

We are a community set up originally by dads with little time to game, and wanted to be a part of something more. The Dads of Destiny Gaming Community prides itself on its three key pillars:


The Dads of Destiny isn’t about pressure or competition or kd/r’s but more specifically about how you want to enjoy your precious game time with the people you want to enjoy it with. There is a real sense of family within the community which separates it away from the others making it a unique place to come to.

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  1. bp says:

    Hello, i am looking for a clan for myself and my 2 college level sons with positive, like-minded people that truly enjoy the game of Destiny, not for instant gratification and fly-bys… We are mature Destiny lifers and have enjoyed it as a family for many years. We enjoy the camaraderie of being in a fireteam just having a good time through successes and failures. We are looking for an active group on a PC based platform. If you could point me in the right direction i would be very appreciative.

  2. chizzle says:

    I am looking to join an active clan. I am a father of two that gets on about 1-2 hours a day. Have a friend that is a part of your clan that had told me nothing but good things about your group. Please consider allowing me to join your clan…thanks!

  3. coversixx says:

    Hello, I am looking for a clan just like this. Got a daughter that is 4 and takes up much of my time.Love the non pressure environment and everyone is a dad that is awesome!

  4. GHOST says:

    Hey everyone, XB1 dad here, looking for an active Clan to join. Been playing Destiny since the D1 Beta. I get to play once the kiddos are in bed, and sometimes on weekends, but I have yet to complete any part of the raids because of my schedule and lack of consistent team. I can help sherpa and advise newer player, and I am pretty laid back. I just enjoy playing with chill people who can joke and have a good time. Let me know if there is any clan I can join, and how to go about it.

  5. Pro says:

    I am looking for a clan to run raids and strikes with. My current clan is not very active and is making progression difficult. XB1 tag: Propatriarch.

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