With this being the first of a series of laid back looks at different titles it makes sense to start off with something that’s causing quite the galactic storm in gaming at present, No Man’s Sky.

So what is No Man’s Sky? It’s essentially the largest sandbox title ever made, empowering the player to make his /her own decisions as they navigate a procedurally generated universe home to 18 Quintillion planets, wait that’s even possible?! 🙂

As I powered up my game to be greeted by fast travelling stars leading to the core of the universe I was taken back by its scope. Especially knowing that all of the little white dots that were flying by were places that I could land my little ship and explore.


Entering into a beautiful bright white light, and fading into the game I was met by the sounds of weird alien creatures, living in a plush utopian like world filled with bright red grasslands, and a strange purple sky which honestly was breathtaking.

It seemed I was the proud owner of a little tiny red tin can that had seen better days, and was tasked with the job of bringing it back to good health. With my trusty multi-tool I ventured forth to gather the advised materials needed to fix my tin can ticket off world, and starbound to begin my adventures through deep space and beyond.

I was fortunate to be granted a smooth start planet wise, and to have a non hostile environment that wanted to kill me faster than any fauna ever could. My ship was repaired after a relatively easy scavenger run and I jumped into the cockpit. All systems go and I left the surface and aimed the bow of my tin can skyward.

LetsPlay-NMS-RedGrassAs I pierced the atmosphere I set course to the nearby space station to get my first taste of how they operated. Before heading in through the massive docking bay entrance I decided to look back to see where I’d come from. It was at this point it hit me just how big the game universe was going to be, and my excitement ramped up ten fold.

That was my initial 4 hours into the game which I decided to take easy and soak in the atmosphere to get into the game, and i’m so glad it gripped me. I’m currently around 20 hours of play time and I’m nowhere near scraping the surface of this beautiful homage to those retro scifi book covers from the early 50s.

i’m excited to unfold more amazing moments which this title keeps throwing at you. If you enjoy games that place the decisions in your hands, and allow you the freedom to do your own thing at your own pace it comes highly recommended.

Till next time folks

Doc Out.



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