Not so long ago Dads of Destiny was a small gathering of likeminded parents with a similar goal in mind – a close knit community of people who placed family above gaming, not just for themselves, but for each other. When this all began (you should take some time to listen to the DoD Podcast episode two) our focus was on Destiny, the flagship game from Bungie/Activision – now, nearly two years later, we are 50,000 members strong – and still maintaining that same goal of fun, balanced with family and responsibility – with member clans literally encompassing the world.

While many may look back on the content drought from Destiny is a bad thing, we have found it, while still painful, ultimately a great thing for us as we branch beyond the title that originally brought us together. Call of Duty, Elder Scrolls Online, Halo (both the good and the bad), The Division, Star Wars Battlefront, Rainbow Six: Siege and a continuously growing list of new titles are quickly being folded into our community as our clans branch out, and new clans come along focused on one title or another. Even though silence from Bungie, recently broken, has had a negative impact on the Destiny community as a whole, the benefits to us have been incredible!

So let’s dive into what we have coming our way!

Destiny – New game patch, with PVE content! In the newly coined “This week at Bungie” letter last week, Community Manager DeeJ revealed some much needed information regarding short, mid, and long-term content goals for Destiny. In the coming months we can expect to see expanded PVE content, including “significant” light level increase, new gear to earn (and equip), and new challenges. Of specific interest to me, as the additional note that this content is focused on “fun and replayability” which has left many questioning whether this patch is going to rehash previous content, or contain actual new content. Regardless, we’ll soon be enjoying more growth with our Guardians. Head on over to for the complete details.

The Division – Open Beta has begun! February 19th-21st agents will once again take to the streets of New York, seeking to bring order, or spread chaos throughout available parts of Manhattan. Xbox One players received access to the open Beta yesterday, a full day early. If you had a chance to participate in the Closed Beta earlier this month, I am sure that you’re just as anxious as we are to see what improvements have been brought to the game. We’ll see you in the Big Apple!

Rainbow Six Siege – Custom Games (5v5) plus one Spectator in Camera mode, on dedicated servers – players rejoice! Finally, game play mode designed for content creators. As if this game didn’t have enough going for it, things just keep getting better. Additionally there are some balancing tweaks coming. Head over to the RSSiege forums to catch up on all of the details!

Obviously we could go on forever with news about what is coming for every game that we collectively play, but I have neither the time nor space to include it all.  Interested in joining the conversation about theses, and many other titles? Join us on the Dads of Destiny Discord server!



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