Important Notice – Sections of this Podcast are not fit for younger ears.

In this episode of the DoD Podcast, hosts Kaiciunis, Thornd, and Bluecrew thanked last week’s podcast from the Focused Fire group for hosting, right after playing a brief ad from their new sponsor, Kai’s Meat Market. Discussion kicked off with Disney’s newest trailer for Rogue One. Blue and Kai lament the missing Bothans from the trailer, though not too much as they both agree that the Bothans were pretty much douches in the Expanded Universe stories. They also both simply loved the portrayal that actress Genevieve O’Reilly does of Mon Motha, noting the perfection of both her look and voice when compared to the original actress.

Discussion moved to the April updates where the Division and Destiny will be dropping new content on the 12th of April. Current “backpack” bug is looking to be eradicated from the Division finally, (though Kai is too low a level to notice, and Blue still doesn’t care). Incursions, termed mini raids, are set to test player capabilities along with new gear scores in the Division. Destiny’s new update will be looking at Warlock abilities and PVP tweaks. Moving right along, the guys cover Jessica Shea, aka BS Angel, of 343 leaving the company as of the 8th after having been a community manager for some time. Also, opening today was the Battleborn beta which they quickly talk about before moving on to the BAFTA awards and the Fallout 4 winning Best Game, a first for the amazing company.

After gaming news, hosts made complete morons of themselves by try some impressions of various Disney and LOTR characters. Blue had to actually look up who “Nigel the Pelican” was from Finding Nemo, and Thornd had to do the same for “Carl” from UP. Kai butchered an attempt at voicing both Golum and Smeagol, proving that a voice actor he is most certainly not. Next came some story time. Kai read three articles from the incredible website, which is similar to getting a history lesson from a tiger riding a unicorn that spits fire and farts rainbows. Finally, the DoD received a challenge to get their twitter numbers up, and the Dads have set their sights on 20k followers, just because they can. Also comes word that the website is being worked on. No promises of what/when that will all entail, but it is just a way of the “Sinister Six” letting folks know that they are being heard.

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We would also like to give full credit for our “Badass Chronicles” to the folks at Bad Ass of the Week. We didn’t write or create any of what we read from in this episode. If you’d like to go and read the articles that were read, and others, we highly recommend it. Here are the links:

Jack Churchill
Simo Hayha
Sir Christopher Lee

Again, the DoD didn’t write any of this AMAZING material, we just read it.



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