Horizon Zero Dawn

This game is an RPG 3rd person shooter that takes place in a distant future where survivors thrive after a cataclysm destroyed humanity, after playing about 10 hours I have yet to find out what happened, when it happened or how long has it been. When you start you discover mechanical beasts roam everywhere but no one knows where they come from or who created them, I will not give away to much of the story so here is my pros and cons of HZD.

Pros; gameplay, very fluid whether it be changing weapons during combat or running, there are a lot of elements that were taken from the Lara Croft series for parcour and climbing, gathering elements and resources and from Assassins Creed for stealth movement but with much more fluidity, combat is surprisingly simple in terms of controls and once you get used to the weapons layout they are easy to use. Now for the main element of HZD, the story, so far it is able to keep me in the dark about what happened but hooked on continuing the main quest to solve the mystery, for me the story is what makes or breaks a game and HZD so far delivers big time. The game gives just a hint here and there of what happened but not enough that you are able to see to much so it keeps you guessing on multiple ways what could have happened. The world map is, well it is huge and looking at it for the first time I felt overwhelmed of the sheer size of it and as I have found out you cannot fast travel like past open world games by just clicking on a found location and going there, with HZD you need a pouch with certain resources and you must use it to fast travel and you need to restock after each time but I do not want to give to much away.

Cons; sometimes during dialogue sequences the movement of the NPC’s mouths are out of sync with the dialogue, I can overlook this to a point but sometimes when there are multiple NPC’s in the same sequence it gets worst. The camera at some points has a hard time following the player and that is why I do not like to play 3rd person games. HZD has a huge open world where at some areas you need to climb or hide and I had a hard time making the camera go where I needed it to. Collecting resources, I am not a big fan of this but I understand the reasoning behind it, you are basically without technology so you need to use what you have around you.

Conclusion; I gave HZD 7.5 out of 10, I would have given it 8.5 but I cannot because of the camera bugs, it has a beautiful huge open world concept, a great story that keeps you wanting more as you progress, strong gameplay and combat, easy interface during gameplay, non complicated skill trees, I highly recommend HZD even to those of you who have never played a 3rd person shooter before and if you do decide to give HZD a try, do yourself a favor, explore the map, search for the artifacts and take your time, believe me it is worth it.

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