For me personally I’ve been excited about the switch since rumors and even more so since announcement. It’s been a few long months for me (seemed that way at least) and I’ve been imagining how gameplay was going to be, its features in my hands not just on paper. Well let me be the first to tell you this is not a system that is going in direct competition with PS4 or XBOX, this is something completely different!

Unboxing:  Big things come in small packages……

Upon initial look this system doesn’t wow with its size or color or flair (unless you got the Red/Blue Joy Cons) but this system is light, crisp, clean and elegant. Unboxing took very little time as it comes with: (1) Ac Adaptor, (1) HDMI Cable, (1) docking station, The Switch itself and L/R Joy Cons, also comes with L/R covers for the Joy Cons with buttons on them (Assuming for games like 1-2 Switch etc.) and a docking for the Joy Cons to use like a regular controller when in TV Mode.

Setup: As easy and 1-2-switch….

Setup was a flash as I didn’t even really need a TV to do it, the Switches touch screen was very responsive and easy to use. When I did dock it into TV Mode I am having slight connectivity issues with the Joy Cons the dock is behind the TV currently and I find some of my button pressing didn’t register or were “laggy”. Upon update of the system via the day one patch the connectivity issue is still there but much less noticeable than before I installed the patch. It has an expandable memory up to 128 GB via a micro SD (fingers crossed for larger support later) and out of the box has internal 32 GB just like the Wii U deluxe.

Gameplay: Floats like a butterfly and plays like a console….

So far, I only have about an hour or two of Zelda gameplay in but let me tell you, this system is boss. In handheld mode, it plays like a full console, with a rich, crisp display and lightweight design. This is NOT a system for children in Handheld mode, currently not a lot of protection products on the market and few and far between being able to find them in the stores either. I currently have on order a Zelda themed protection kit, which was preordered and now on backorder so if you do have small children I recommend using TV mode and giving them the Joy Cons. Battery life hasn’t been fully tested but with 100% charge after 2 hours of gameplay on Zelda I was just above 60% left, so the initial reports of 3.5-4 hours are accurate.

Final thoughts: Time will tell…

With limited titles, available at launch if you’re not a Zelda fan this may not be the console for you right now, but I know a lot of titles should be launching by Q4 (Holiday season) i.e. Mario Odyssey if you can score a system now do it! Because just like the Nintendo Classic, these don’t last on the shelves very long.