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One of the first exhibitors that Radio Press Gaming interacted with from EGLX 2016 was Game Without Pain.


Their name piqued my interest, as I personally have never experienced pain while gaming (unless of course you count rage throwing a controller and pieces flying back at you). I do know however that there are inherent risks to repetitive movement and let’s face it most of the time we are moving in a very repetitive way. So I did some research to see what it is that they are actually doing over there at GWP.

Game Without Pain consists of health professionals and pro-gamers on a mission to improve the quality of life and gaming performance of esports athletes and gaming enthusiasts.? By providing high quality video based fitness curriculum and a virtual health support center, we are extending gaming lifespan by encouraging healthy lifestyle changes in the form of full body movement programming, nutritional advise and stress management.

When I found them at EGLX their booth was rocking, literally, they had music playing, instructors, well, instructing and BioSteel was flowing! There was always a crowd around the booth whenever I passed by. They did however find the time to talk to me among the chaos!



What is your primary industry?


Game Without Pain exists as a bridge between the worlds of fitness and gaming. The members of our team have all spent years practicing their craft in either a gym setting or private practice. We believe that sharing our knowledge of fitness and health will increase the lifespan of gamers.


What product or service did you bring to EGLX?


Our main goal was to demo our Academy, an online resource for gamers looking to improve their health and fitness levels, secondary was to expose the Canadian Nutritional Supplement company BioSteel to the world of eSports.


Who is your primary target audience?


Our aim is to engage with the gaming community from the most casual of gamer right up to the eSports level athlete. Our Academy is great for individuals and families looking to follow along with our programming from their own living  room. For eSports Athletes we services with in-person training and online Skype interaction.


Why did you attend EGLX?


We met with the EGLX team and they quickly recognized the value we could bring to the event. As gaming enthusiasts ourselves, we would have been there with or without a booth. Watching eSports on the grander stage always gets us excited and the chance to connect with potential key brand ambassadors further aligned with our goals for the weekend.


Did EGLX give you what you expected?


We feel that EGLX delivered on their promises and exceeded our expectations for an event of this size. The coordination staff were extremely helpful and the engagement with the community warmed our hearts.

By 10:00 am on Saturday morning we were shocked to be flooded with community engagement. Overall, I am sure the organizers were pleased with attendance and the variety of services and retailers.

0ea830c-560x420“Our service is directed to the Pro-Gamer/Streamer. These guys/gals sit for 8 – 12 hours a day playing games. Our bodies are not meant for that type of stress. Not to mention the mental stress and over stimulation on our minds. We are trying to help prepare the body and mind to handle these stresses before they do irreparable damage to the body.”

That’s not to say that the average, hardcore or casual gamer should ignore this article. The workouts that they are suggesting are good for all types of lifestyles from gamers to office workers. Check out the links below for more information. Also keep an eye out for a joint announcement from RPG and GWP, something about a 24 hour stream and gaming???




Engage with Game Without Pain:
Twitter: @gamewithoutpain
YouTube: Game Without Pain


Article re-posted with permission from Radio Press Gaming

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