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For Honor
Where to start? The single player mode I haven’t finished? The multiplayer component is where I can’t connect to 4v4 pvp matches? Microtransactions? Glitches/bugs? I know where to begin, is this game fun? Yes. I can’t tell you the last time I had this much fun, or raged so much, since I picked this game up on launch day. I’ll lay out what I’ve been able to do and give you my view on each.

Story Mode
The story seems interesting but I’ve only made it 1/3rd of the way through. The highlight of which has been playing it in co-op with a friend. To be fair it seems like a good place to learn the basic mechanics since you get to play as most of the heroes for at least one level so it’s almost a lengthy tutorial.

The most notable glitch I experienced, along with several others, was the game not registering the season pass and deluxe content that came with the Gold Edition. What worked for some, myself included, was buying a “steel pack” which is used for the games currency. I was fine spending $5 when I got the game for $30 off. I’ve heard of people being banned for “no reason” but I have no experience with that.

As you play you rank up and every match there’s the chance for a loot drop. Armor pieces vary in style and also stats. Stats only come into play in Dominion if I recall correctly, but
they can have a large impact. Stats revolve around sprint speed, revive speed, amount of damage received or given while blocking, and your revenge meter which is essentially your “super.” Other options are your colors (only utilized in duels), emotes, executions, and emblems. Everyone looks pretty similar at first and honestly on the battlefield you don’t notice much about the other players personal taste but it’s nice when you think your character looks like a complete badass. 9 characters can be made male or female while 2 are locked as female and 1 locked as male. The male is fine, I shudder to think what a female Shugoki would look like.

Honestly, this is the way I’d like to see microtransactions handled. You use the in game currency which is obtained in game by completing tasks, to unlock the ability to customize characters and upgrade their gear and appearance. Out of the gate you can play as any character. You are only denied the option to customize their appearance, emotes, etc. Even the season pass is handled well, it’s basically cosmetics and a week early access to new fighters and maps and after that week everyone is able to use them. The main draw to the pass is the champion status which is simply an xp boost which can be bought by anyone using steel. If companies “need” to implement microtransactions and season passes then I believe that this is the model to use and the developer should be commended on that.

As I said, I haven’t been able to play any pvp. However I have been able to play against bots with other players and on my own. You can crank up the difficulty of the bots in a custom match to the point that, from what I’ve been hearing, is superior to the average player so it’s by no means a cake walk. Playing a game of Dominion, think control with a slightly different scoring system, can be an absolute riot until you get ganged up on by 3 or 4 people on the other team. Tears will be shed at first. The other game modes are all enjoyable but Dominion is what keeps me going back.

It’s hard for me to describe how the gameplay actually functions. A friend pointed out a review the other day that accused the game of being “overly repetitive and pay to win.” Pretty sure that person was both an idiot and somewhat correct. Sure the game can feel repetitive, but only because you make it so. I’ll use myself for an example, I’ve been playing primarily as a Raider, a beefcake of a Viking that runs around shoulder charging everyone and swinging a giant axe. Most engagements I rush the opponent, either toss him on the ground or ram him into a wall where I proceed to knee him in the face and disorient them. I then follow up with typically a heavy, heavy, heavy combo and I’ll do what’s referred to as a guardbreak, simple explanation is a stagger, and give him/her a few light attacks. Always, always finish with a heavy attack so you can execute the opposing hero, in the raiders case it’s either snapping their neck or doing an overhead swing and burying your axe in their cranium. This game is rated M for a reason. Bear in mind that doing that repeatedly on one character could be boring, but only if every encounter was the same, trust me, no two fights go the same way. Plus there’s the fact that I just talked about one character, not the other one I main, the Valkyrie, who’s execution move made me laugh hysterically the first time I did it. As of now there are a dozen characters, 4 classes, a dozen feats (think modifiers) per character, and no two characters play the same. This game to me is a lot like playing chess. The ability to anticipate your opponent and mind the environment (spike walls, fire, ledges oh my) requires a lot of focus to be successful, or your opponent to keep spammimg buttons until he runs out of stamina. This is without a doubt the most fun I’ve had in a game in awhile and I love the fact that I need to know the characters strengths and weaknesses on top of wondering what the player who’s using him behaves like.

If you enjoy Knights, Samurais, or Vikings and aren’t too terribly squeamish, plus you take enjoyment in beating people into the ground while exercising your brain then this game is for you. Another bonus is that there’s no tea bagging but I have seen some interesting emote spams…

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