Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Where do I sign up?

We’ve moved our new member registration here to the website in order to provide other great services to our membership. Click on the “Members” link to access the Member Portal.

What are the requirements for members?

  • Treat everyone with respect.
  • No illegal or malicious content posted.
  • Be mindful of other members while in DoD Community spaces – Act like Fathers/Parents, not like children

Are there any guidelines for Dads of Destiny Clans?

DoD Clans – These clans leverage the Dads of Destiny (DoD) name and tags as a part of their clan name. Below are the guidelines for all DoD Clans.

  • Minimum of 5 members within the clan.
  • Clan Admins must be tagged with the clan that they are an admin for.
  • All clan admins are expected to internally enforce the DoD Member Guidelines as detailed.
  • Member Clans must register on
  • DoD Member clans must have one of the following included within their official clan name: Dads of Destiny, DadsofDestiny, or DoD.
    • Examples: “DoD Kittens of Doom” “DadsofDestiny Awesomesauceness” “Dads of Destiny Romeo”
  • All Member Clans will be assigned a Community Manager. This Community Manager (from here on referred to as “CM”) will assist with information coordination and membership recruitment. They will also assist with any mediation both within and between clans upon request.
    • It is recommended that the CM be granted access to member areas (this is a requirement for the first 6 months of membership).
    • Clans that do not give access willingly know that this may hinder the CM’s ability to properly assist in their assigned duties.
  • Clan Admins will only use the Community Managers to handle Inter-Clan disputes when it is deemed necessary by the Clan Admins. The Community Managers at that time will step in and arbitrate the dispute.
  • Clan Admins will notify the Community Managers immediately when there is a dispute with another DoD Clan. At that time the Community Manager will assist with arbitrating the dispute. Depending on the dispute, this may be brought to the DCoC by the Community Manager for guidance and ruling.
  • All clan rules must be readily available to members and Community Managers

What is the DCoC and how does my clan join?

DoD Clans in Good Standing – The Dads of Destiny Gaming Community is overseen by a council made up of representatives from some of the larger clans within the community. In order to have representation within the Council of Clans the following guidelines must be followed (grandfather rules may apply in some cases – as decided by the council).

  • Adherence to the guidelines for DoD Clans
  • Membership minimum of 25
  • Acceptance of the DoDGC Constitution and Bylaws (available upon request)

These rules and regulations can/will change from time to time, and the most current set of rules and regulations posted will govern any decisions made in the event of a dispute.