Family Gamer: An Introduction

Balancing an advancing career, a "large" family, and a love of gaming isn't always easy - well actually it is never easy. Sit down and prepare for the ramblings of a Dad who makes it work.

First, let’s begin with the obvious – Yes, I’m using a pen name for these articles… let’s say that it is for “professional” reasons.

MagnificentPest was the name auto-generated for me during character creation one of the early MMOs I played, and it is a name with a lot of fond memories attached, though I’ve mostly moved past that stage in life. Back in those days I had two roommates – the three of us bachelors, in a studio apartment – we had one computer, one bed, and all worked at the same place. We lived in shifts, always someone playing the game, someone sleeping, and someone working (Waffle House is a 24hour shop afterall). It was a relaxing way to live life – devoid of responsibility, filled with adventure, and in general simplistic enough that I barely ever looked up long enough to realize just how pitiful it looked to people on the outside.


I was at the tail-end of wrapping up a divorce, which had taken longer than my soon to be ex and I had been married, and I was looking forward to nothing more than drowning myself in the online worlds of the growing MMO market. Warcraft had just shifted from being and RTS into this whole new platform for interacting with people from across the globe, Final Fantasy was no longer just a single-track story to play through, whole new IPs were popping up everywhere. It was a great time to be a gamer with no attachments and few demands outside of those things necessary for life – Internet, computer, food, and a roof over my head (in that order, of course). Don’t worry though, I won’t be focusing on that stage of my life too much during this blog, but from time-to-time there may be some references to that time, a mere 12 years ago.

Jumping ahead to present day… I am married – just celebrated 10 years of incredible marriage to my best friend – with three kiddos (6, 3, 1), a dog, and a cat (also a colony of ants, but I don’t consider them family). My career in <redacted> has taken off, giving my wife the option to quit her job and stay at home (which she jumped all over). Then there is my gaming life, which still puts a smile on my face each day as I can now share that with my kiddos. It’s not all a bed of roses though, the struggle is real, and I want to explore those challenges with you.



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Over the past two decades "MagPest" has been balancing life and gaming (well... trying to anyway). Having played everything from ADnD to Uncharted 4. Married for over the past decade (to a fellow gamer) with three children, the drive to balance has become increasingly important. Now with kiddos old enough for school, the joy of sharing a passion for gaming has begun.

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