Operation Supply Drop: Trials of Valor

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Guardians! It is that time again where we unite as one for the better good of those who are truly guardians in this world. It’s time to come together for Operation Supply Drop, we’ve raised over $100,000 for OSD since Destiny first launched, and this event will be like no other.

We have a set goal of $20,000 this time around, our highest yet. I have no doubt that we will meet and surpass this goal. Show the world the true meaning of being a guardian.

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Live 48-Hour Stream Event begins May 20th, 10:00am EST

In conjunction with the Destiny Community: Operation Supply Drop event, Dads of Destiny is sponsoring the event with commerative T-Shirts. All proceeds from sales will be donated to the OSD Campaign.

Dads of Destiny OSD Trials of Valor – T-Shirt campaign.