The latest episode of the Official DoD Podcast brings Blue, Kai, and guest co-host GrimmAzrael together to discuss some quick news as well as reveal the project that has been going on for the past few weeks – a montage of clips from througout the Dads of Destiny community put together by one of our own, SurrealMurda. The video should be available roughly around the time of the podcast’s publication on the DoD YouTube page (link here in case you haven’t already subscribed). We also discuss a topic of some relevance in the Dadvice section – the idea of leashing (with the backpack leads) your child. 

And, as always, Kai is happy to provide the team with a new mobile app (seriously considering making that a part of the show at this point) and give us a good bedtime story with the Badass of the Week, Albert Jacka.

As always, if you have any complaints, comments, questions, feedback, or random things that no one else will take the time to watch/read/wish they had ignored, go ahead and send those over to Kai (email link here) or our feedback inbox (email link here). The Official DoD Podcast airs every Friday night at 9pm CST on the DoD Twitch channel. You can also watch it archived on the Dads of Destiny Twitch channel at your leisure if you cannot make the live stream. The hosts can be found on Twitter: BlueCrew86KingPinKaiCiunus, and Th0rNd.

We would also like to give full credit for our “Badass Chronicles” to the folks at We didn’t write or create any of what we read from in this episode, so if you’d like to go and read the article that was read (and others), we highly recommend doing so. Link to this week’s article for Albert Jacka can be found here.


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Note that this Podcast is currently on hiatus as it is restructured.