On the latest installment of the Official DoD Podcast, our hosts went all out from memory alone. The status of the website was discussed, detailing the features and the upcoming potential test release to confirm everything is working as expected. Next week will have a few updates that are planned to be released, as well as a call to assist Blue in the construction of an clan admin database (all clans, regardless of console) for the Community Managers to utilize for a quicker distribution of important information (email him with those details here). 


In what seems to be becoming a trend of light hearted impersonation requests for the hosts, Th0rnd proves himself as a shoe-in for Jabba the Hutt & Kermit the Frog. Blue and Kai, however, have lackluster presentations of Iago the parrot (Aladdin) and C-3PO, respectively. After calming themselves from a unique serenade submitted for Kai, the hosts touch on gaming and movie news, covering a fair amount, from the leaked image of Red Dead Redemption 2 and some lore from Destiny, Division, and Halo to a conversation about the upcoming releases of Doctor Strange and a live action Ghost in the Shell.


The chat’s vote for the Badass of the Week topic resulted in the wonderful bedtime story (and the butchering of the German language by Kai) of Baron von Stueben – the man who wrote the book that served as the standard United States drill manual until the War of 1812. 


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We would also like to give full credit for our “Badass Chronicles” to the folks at Badassoftheweek.com.
We didn’t write or create any of what we read from in this episode. If you’d like to go and read the articles that were read, and others, we highly recommend it. Link for this week’s reading: Baron Von Stueben




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