Episode 8

Kai Encounters a Wild Brick!


This episode, the Dads get back to their old podcast ways, talking about games, movies, and tech “stuff”.  We were joined by UnfittingReaver, the Lead Community Manager for DoD Xbox.  Blue, Kai, Reaver, and Th0rNd discussed recent game news regarding The Division and Destiny, and delved into discussions about the amount of lore that exists in the games that we love(d) and play.


The dads also discussed some recent births within our ranks, sending our congrats out to Sam Silver and Baron Butters for the recent additions to their family.  We springboarded into some funny “Dad Stories” where we all shared some of our stories that make dads unique.


Kai took the show to a whole new level with his story of a menacing brick and left Blue and Th0rNd in a fit of laughter.


The show ended with a unique “call to action” for the next show (April 8th).  Kai had to leave the show early so Blue and Th0rNd decided that a good challenge was called for.  Please submit all your impersonations/impressions you would like Kai to perform on the next show to kaiciunus@dadsofdestiny.net and CC th0rnd@dadsofdestiny.net, with “Kai Impressions” in the subject line.  Because we’re mean, it will be required that Kai perform these impressions live on the next show.


Th0rNd asked for graphic submissions that can be displayed on tshirts, and 25% of the proceeds will go directly back to the graphic artist who submits.  Please submit these images to th0rnd@dadsofdestiny.net with “Tshirt Campaign” in the subject.


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