Let us entice you into our podcast with the smooth rumblings of a snoring brit! During the pre-show, Blue and Th0rNd called KP to get everything set up, and noticed his phone was set to “auto-answer”. Many laughs were had as nearly 30 minutes at the beginning of the show are consumed by KP snoring. Apparently time changes differently in the UK!


The dads talk about the feedback that was gained from last week’s call-to-action and they all discussed their thoughts, opinions, and ways that we can make a better community for all dads. The dads also put a call for help out for one of our own, Mr. NecroEthos, whose newborn son was having difficulties and was placed into the NICU. The community rose up, as it always does, to help Necro through this difficult time and over $100 was raised for his family during the podcast.


The dads also discussed the Division which has seen a lot of support from the player base. DoD hinted at a tshirt design contest in which the creators of the designs would get a large cut of any funds earned from the sell of the tshirt they designed. The Chicago meetup was discussed – a cross-community meetup for all Midwest gamers (and those who want to be Midwest for a day! 🙂 ). This will be taking place in June.


The Dadvice portion was a very interesting topic for many of the members, as the dads discussed “What did you experience as the other half to a pregnant lady?” This brought on some funny stories of pregnancy and birth from a dad’s perspective, and also helped alleviate some concern of KP himself as his baby is due in a little under two months from now.


This show was a semi-follow up to last week’s show where the dads did discuss the more “serious” topics, but it quickly turned back into the fun that we all have just talking about dad-stuff. We continue to ask for feedback to grow our community into the best spot for a dad (who happens to be a gamer) to rest and relax. Please feel free to submit your questions via the avenues below.


Twitter: @dadsofdestiny #askthedads
Email: Feedback@dadsofdestiny.net, subject ASK DOD


They guys are super excited to be able to answer your questions live, so make sure to stop by ask one!


Please, please, please send us feedback and any other questions, comments, or requests for future dadvice topics at our email: DoDpodcast@dadsofdestiny.net, or on Twitter at @thedodpodcast. We look forward to hearing from you all!


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