This week on The DoDPodcast, the Dadmins decided to go a little off script. Thorn, Kai, and Kp all answered some questions that the community at large had been asking in regards to the current and future states of the Dads of Destiny with Blue on hand to provide a non-senior admin take on the subjects. Join them as they open up about some of the difficulties that the DoD has had in the past. They dig into what it is that being a member of the DoD means to them, as well as what it is exactly that the Dadmins do. They talk about the funding requests that have popped up in the last few weeks, as well as discuss the finer points of the big E3 trip and why it is so important for us. The guys look back at the roots of the community, where we all started and some of the stories that go along with that. This week was more of an open letter to every member of the DoD, one that not only allowed the senior admins to discuss the missteps, but also the future and focus of the DoD moving forward. The Dadmins share their desire to get back to those roots, back to the focus on building the family of brothers here at the DoD and not just be a group of gamers. It was a little bit more of a somber recording, though not without it’s laughs. They ended the cast with an open call to all DoD members to ask questions that they crew will answer live on the next episode, any question at all. If you would like to ask a question the next podcast, you can do it by submitting the questions to:


Twitter: @dadsofdestiny #askthedads
Email:, subject ASK DOD


They guys are super excited to be able to answer your questions live, so make sure to stop by ask one!


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