Episode 36 brings Blue, Justin, and Willy together once again to discuss what information we have at our fingertips concerning the rise of the characters that we know as Guardians within the world of Destiny – those paracausal powerhouses who defend the Last City against the encroaching Darkness. Picking up the tale from the ashes of the Collapse, with the birth of Ghosts and their mission to find new weapons for the Traveler’s Light to find a home within, the team discusses the nature of the Light within the Guardians we experience today and compare that refined manipulation to the brutally primal forces of nature that were the Risen. The first few groups of Guardians are examined, as well as a lengthy discussion on the psychological tendencies which set the Guardians apart from the Risen follows, making for an interesting delve into the history of a topic that we can all agree that we want to know more about.

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