Hello! Welcome to a little rundown/sneak peek of what’s in store for the Dads of Destiny in  2016. We have a lot of exciting things coming your way throughout the year and we wanted to give you a little inside view on what to expect:


Increase in Dad-Related Content: First and foremost, we’re very happy to announce that there will be an increase in dad focused content this year. This is something that makes us as unique as we are and with new additions in mind such as cooking, parenting as a dad, etc… it is an opportunity for us to really dig in to what makes us so different from other groups out there. We would love to see the funny stories of your parenting experiences, or the sharing of advice for all the new dads out there pop up on the forums, or on our twitter feed. Remember, this is a community for dads, and we enjoy seeing all of you share in that brotherhood together.


Clan-vs-Clan Competitions: This is something we will be gearing for this fresh year as our new site allows for a tournament style competition, complete with clan rosters and week to week clan rankings. Once we get this feature up and running, we would love for all of you clan folk within the DoD to come out in force to show who among you is worthy of the title of Champion! As of right now we are still working out the bugs and working diligently on getting the system ready to go, so bare with us and stay tuned to the website and social media for updates.


DoD Storefront: The DoD will finally be getting an online storefront! Now there will be a place to go to get all of that Dads of Destiny stuff that you’ve all been asking for. We know it’s been a long wait, filled with unofficial, often self-made, gear and the odd t-shirt campaign sporadically sprinkled about on the calendar, but the current drought of DoD swag is over! The store itself will have items ranging from mugs and hats to awesome shirts and clothing for you to sport and show off! The Store will launch with a small amount of items, but that inventory will continue to grow as the year goes by and we come up with more designs. Who knows, maybe one or two designs from the community will get featured? Oh the possibilities!


As an anecdote to the news about the store and in regards to the profits, we are sure that many of you are well aware that what we do costs money, and that none of the admins are getting paid to serve this community. This means that the money raised through the storefront goes towards helping with keeping the lights on, as well as providing us the means to offer more/varied content to you all. Every penny helps, and we are extremely grateful for every ounce of support.


Official DoD Podcast: We’re very proud to announce to you today that we will be seeing the return of the Dads of Destiny Podcast later this year! This new and improved podcast will be bringing you all the latest news, community updates, competitions, and general awesomeness that comes from being in the Dads of Destiny, as well as shout outs to exceptional dads, current events, and much, much more…


Make sure to stop by our newly refurbished and shiny website, Dadsofdestiny.net, to stay informed about all of the awesome things that we are working to bring to you guys. With all of the new games coming out this year that we will be a part of, it’s a very exciting time to be a member of the Dads of Destiny indeed!


Again, for all the latest news and happenings within the Dads of Destiny, be sure to check us out on all of our social media outlets:


As always, until next time gentlemen,


The Senior Dadmin Team


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