Yes, there is a buzz!  Finally, after so much waiting, The Division Beta is right around the corner.  Xbox One gamers should start to receive their beta information tomorrow, 1/26/16, while PS4 and PC gamers should get their info on Wednesday.

I’m excited…and scared.

I’m scared because the last game that had this much hype leading up to it’s Beta, was Destiny.  And here we are.  Which leads to my question – What exactly do we get/learn from a Beta?  It is usually a very limited game, just enough to give you a taste.  It is a piece of the game that has received several finishes of polish to get those pre-order numbers skyrocketing.  I loved the Destiny Beta…loved trying all three classes.  I killed Sepiks Prime too many times, could probably now run that strike in my sleep…without a controller.  I highly anticipated Destiny’s September release date after playing the beta in July of 2014.

Division…please, please, don’t let me down.  Your Alpha was great, and I compare it to the Destiny Beta in terms of amount of game content made available.  The quests/missions were fun, loading into the Darkzone and looking around every corner was exhilarating, trying out weapon customization (something I usually find tedious in games – I’m more of a “Give me a gun and tell me where to point it” type of person, but I liked being able to add and take away elements of my weapons), checking out the streets of New York, which we’ve heard from some friends is a pretty close replica of real-life New York…and this was just the Alpha!

The Beta has reportedly over 10,000 changes to it from Alpha! (I wonder if they corrected the grammar and spelling mistakes I submitted – those who know me should have a laugh at that)  With an Alpha that was so well polished I have to wonder what made that list of 10,000 things that were changed…

I think Destiny was a game-changer.  In ways, I think it still is despite my review/response of the last weekly update.  Perhaps we are witnessing the middle of a relay race.  Destiny jumped out of the gate at the shot of the gun – perhaps it is time to pass the torch to the Division.  If that is the case, what comes next?  Will we be stuck in 1.5 year cycles where we want and demand a new game to improve upon?  Are our expectations too high of developers now?  When The Division is released, will it have its own moon wizard problems?

I guess the big question is “What do we get out of Beta?”  Beta tests can either be amazing, a small piece of awesome pie that we can’t wait to devour.  Or, Beta tests can be like those movie previews where all the action, excitement, and things we would want to see the in the movie are ALL just compressed into a tiny 30 second preview, and the rest of the movie is filler.

No, the question isn’t what do we get out of Beta, it’s “What should we expect out of a beta?”

Please feel free to stop by our Division chat and let us know what you think.  We will be there all weekend talking about our thoughts, likes, and dislikes.



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